Tracking of Progress

Target: 55kg to feel better, 53kg to feel like a winner!
19 Jan 2009@84kg,Total loss 0kg,To lose 29kg,BMI32.8 obesity
14 Feb 2009@80kg,Total loss 4kg,To lose 25kg,BMI31.2 obesity
15 Mac 2009@74kg,Total loss 10kg,To lose 19kg,BMI28.9 overweight
19 Apr 2009@71kg,Total Loss 13kg, To lose 16kg, BMI27.7 overweight
24 May 2009@67kg, Total Loss 17kg, To lose 12kg, BMI26.2 overweight
26 Jun 2009@64kg, Total Loss 20kg, To lose 9kg, BMI25.0 overweight (last point)!
17 July 2009@63kg, Total Loss 21kg, To lose 8kg, BMI 24.6 normal
14 Aug 2009@62kg, Total Loss 22kg, To lose 7kg, BMI24.2 normal
25 Nov 2009@61kg, Total Loss 23kg, To lose 6kg, BMI23.8 normal
13 Jan 2010@62kg, Total Loss 22kg, To lose 7kg, BMI24.2 normal

Phase 2 start here
10.10.10@64kg, Total Loss 0kg, To lose 9kg, BMI 25. (overweight)
30.11.10@61kg, Total Loss 3kg, To lose 6kg, BMI 23.8 (normal)
24.03.11@60kg, Total Loss 4kg, To lose 5kg, BMI 23.4 (normal)

Phase 3: Wa sedang pegnan, so wa takleh diet, therefore berat wa sedang mendaki anak tangga. :)

Phase 4: started!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What not to eat before bed (1) : Caffeine

It should be obvious, but you should avoid caffeinated drinks and foods — coffee, tea, many soft drinks, and chocolate — several hours before bed. Caffeine is a natural chemical that activates the central nervous system, which means that it revs up nerves and thought processes. For people who are sensitive to caffeine, that excitation is not pleasant, making them feel jittery and slightly ill. If you drink caffeinated drinks too close to bedtime, chances are it will keep you awake. Of course, what “too close” means is totally individual. Sensitive people should stop drinking caffeine at least eight hours before bedtime (that means by 3pm, if you hit the sack at 11pm). You can play with your particular timing … just don’t experiment on a night when you absolutely must get a good night’s sleep. Source

Terbaca ini. No wonder la aku takleh tidur malam kalu minum teh! Sensitive people (READ: ME). - too close of bed time for tea is morning. Which mean, kalau aku nak tidur dengan lena tanpa paksa-paksa biji mata, aku tak boleh minum tea langsung pada hari berkenaan. Of course this only applicable for just a few days. Kalau aku minum straight dua tiga hari, hari ke empat aku tetap akan padam awal. Sebab otak dah tak mampu nak layan chemical yang suruh jangan tidur tuh. 


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